I am not sure how to give answers to my children

Strong and happy family ties are enjoyable in and of themselves. Being a part of a warm and caring family just feels good. However, healthy family relationships are crucial for a variety of other reasons as well. They: make it simpler for your family to solve problems, resolve conflict, and respect differences of opinion; they give children the skills they need to understand; and they help children feel secure and loved, which gives them confidence to explore their world, try new things, and learn. This is why it’s important to uphold and strengthen your bonds with your kids and other family members. There are many easy things you can do to create a happy family dynamic. Making the most of your time together as a family is the definition of quality family time. Spend daily time talking and laughing with each other. Family meals and car rides, for instance, can be excellent opportunities to catch up on the day. Spend time together with all electronics off and out of sight. This makes it easier to retain everyone’s attention on what you’re doing or saying at the moment. To improve the ties between each family member, have private conversations with each of them. Just five minutes before each youngster goes to bed is sufficient.

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