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Twin parents must make a difficult choice regarding their offspring. Should they attend the same class together or apart from one another? Since every set of twins is unique, there is no simple solution, and the “right” decision may change from year to year. Frequently, the policies of the educational system push parents to choose a choice. Take into account these benefits of keeping twins in the same class while deciding what is best for your children. Twins are in the same environment even before birth. The first few years of their life are then spent together, with the same friends, in the same surroundings, and going through the same experiences. Simply put, it’s what they’ve come to expect and accept. Per age group, there may only be one class option available. In smaller private institutions, or perhaps in a preschool or kindergarten setting, this is frequently the case. There might be one morning class and another in the afternoon for half-day programmes. It only makes sense for parents to enrol their twins in the same class in these circumstances. When there is a strong cause to separate them, parents may need to consider other options. Some may even think about enrolling them in various programmes or schools. If that’s not the case, let the circumstances guide your decision.

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