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I am proud of what we have overcame

Dr. John Gray, a well-known relationship expert, conducted a study that yielded this unexpected result. I don’t know what will get you into the kitchen with your husband if that isn’t enough. My husband and I, fortunately, both like cooking and spending time in the kitchen together. Even if only one of us is in the kitchen, the other frequently joins us and we talk about anything and everything while the food is cooking. Our kitchen connection has a huge impact on all facets of our marriage, I’ve noticed throughout the years. You truly and definitely adore your lover with no ties attached, which is a telltale indicator that you’ve found true love. In other words, you support and sincerely care about this person no matter what circumstances may befall you, and you support and deeply care for this person in both good and terrible times. Real love is defined by unconditional love, which is at the core of what true love comprises. You accept your mate completely. Understanding and accepting your partner for the person he or she genuinely is is another sign of deep love. You’re not attempting to modify, repair, or transform your partner into a different person. Rather, you embrace, appreciate, and adore your spouse for who he or she is, warts and all.

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