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The secret to overcoming difficulty is to understand that life happens for you, not to you. Every experience in your life has something to teach you. Those who can learn the lessons will be successful. Those who put the blame for their problems on other people will fail. Own up to what has happened to you and your response to the circumstance. Analyze what occurred and why. Create a strategy or set up a procedure to stop it from happening again. then proceed.
Focusing on your errors and failures only delays the achievement of your objectives. As Steve Jobs once said, “It’s best to admit them quickly and get on with improving your other innovations” when making mistakes. Consider some of the richest people on the planet. They all invested the time necessary to advance their talents and sharpen their skills. The most accomplished individuals and effective leaders are aware that there is always space for development. You are dying if you are not expanding. To overcome hardship, you must be honest with yourself about your knowledge and abilities, own your deficiencies, and work diligently every day to fill those gaps. Work on other things that will help you no matter what your aim is in addition to the abilities that are directly related to your profession or objective. Learn how to communicate clearly and firmly in front of others. Develop your networking skills. Become more knowledgeable about management and finance. You’ll feel more optimistic about the future and your capacity to endure hardship when you are ready for a variety of circumstances. Go directly to the source of the question, “How do people overcome adversity?” Consider the people you know who inspire you. Inquire as to how they arrived. Listen to their tales. Pay attention to how they overcame challenges.

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