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I am scared that I might lose my 25 years marriage

Rebuilding a relationship requires time and effort, but if both partners are dedicated to keeping the marriage together, reconciliation is feasible. Expecting rapid success is unrealistic; reconciliation requires patience and effort. After just one or two conversations, you won’t be back to normal. Concentrate on taking baby steps to improve your interactions. Like taking constructive action, such as having a conversation without yelling or losing your cool. Spend time with each other frequently. To be reconciled is not to be forgiven. It’s simple to mix up reconciliation and forgiveness, but they’re not the same thing. To reconcile, it takes two individuals, but it only takes one person to forgive. You are likely facing a divorce if your partner is not interested in keeping the marriage together because you can only influence your own behavior. Give your spouse some time and try again later if they refuse to talk about salvaging your marriage. Consider the issues in your marriage and how you might be causing some of them. List the problems in your relationship and come up with potential fixes. Consider how your actions might impact your spouse and try to put yourself in their position. Tell your spouse that you want to improve your relationship. Distinguish your rage from the problems, then calmly approach your partner. Informing your spouse that you want to improve your relationship is a good way to start the reconciliation process. Inform your spouse that you wish to improve your marriage’s issues and that you are aware of them. Acknowledge your own hurt and rage, and invite your partner to express these emotions as well. Inform your partner why you’re upset or furious, and pay attention to how they’re feeling.

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