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I am so sad i lost her

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It can take a long time to realize that you’ve lost the love of your life. When a relationship ends, both parties are hurt. This is a time for healing. A period in which life begins to improve and progresses. The pain fades, and you consider the lessons you’ve learnt while looking for new love. There are situations when this isn’t the case. Every day, you find yourself thinking of someone. It’s heartbreaking to lose the love of your life. You’re filled with guilt, and you’re filled with remorse. It’s at this moment that you start to doubt yourself and believe that the person you’ve lost has left a gaping hole in your life that will never be replaced. The causes for how and why we self-sabotage are numerous. The sabotage is a red flag that we are out of touch with ourselves and our needs. It’s an indication that we’ve lost touch with who we are and where we’re headed in life right now. It also draws attention to our worries, insecurities, and incapacity to be honest with ourselves and others.
We often can’t recognize what we’ve done to ourselves when this moment is about screwing up our relationship with someone because we’re so focused on the other person. We are so focused on losing them that we fail to notice that we have also lost ourselves.

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