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I am still strong despite losing my leg

A motorcycle in China received a warning from police for operating without arms. According to the Qilu Evening Post, when officers stopped the motorcycle in Jimo, Shandong province, for being overloaded, they were shocked to see the driver. Liu, now 27 years old, lost both of his arms as a result of an electric shock when he was seven. When he was ten years old, his parents took him to a neighborhood circus to learn skills. From that point on, he taught himself how to ride a motorcycle without using his arms. Liu acknowledged that he had been using his customized motorcycle without arms without a license for ten years. He stated that he and two other crippled circus performers had been performing on the streets ever since his circus had shut down three years prior. The police opted against fining him because he had no money, but they did give him a severe warning. Liu vowed never to ride a motorcycle once more. The other shooters were very interested when Richland’s Mark Stutzman unzipped his bow bag and began assembling his compound bow. Stutzman’s arrows, case, and the tools he needs to assemble them are all common items. They noticed Stutzman, 28, doing everything with his feet, which drew their attention. After being adopted into a family of seven brothers and sisters, Matt, who was born without arms, has never let his disability hold him back. He can eat, drive (stick shifts and non-modified cars), write (more legibly than most people), and punch the keys on his phone more quickly than most people can.

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