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“I am studying to become a designer….” singer Tigist Bekele

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Singer Tigist Bekele famously crooned, “I’m learning to be a designer. An original designer of clothing and accessories. Designers bring their ideas to life by referencing current trends in fashion and their in-depth understanding of materials and style. Business education is also necessary for careers in fashion design. Successful designers combine their originality with strong management, sales, and marketing abilities. Bachelor’s degrees are typically held by fashion designers. The pay for a career in fashion design is above average. How do fashion designers, however, begin their careers? Fashion designers frequently put in long hours before breaking into the field, just like other art and design professions. Learn how to become a fashion designer on this page. Clothing and accessories are made and designed by fashion designers. High fashion, ready-to-wear clothing, mass-market clothing, sportswear, evening wear, accessories, or footwear could all be areas of specialization for them. Designers study upcoming trends in fashion to produce designs that are futuristic. They work with designers on projects and frequently use design tools to make items. Fashion designers generate sketches, assess textiles, and produce a prototype at the start of a design project.
Some fashion designers produce lines or collections that highlight a theme or trend. They create items to display at the New York, Paris, Milan, and London fashion weeks. Other designers create seasonal lines for well-known companies, pitching concepts to creative directors. Many fashion designers also receive business and marketing training. Experience in fashion merchandising aids designers in getting their products into stores and marketing them to consumers.

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