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“I am the guardian of my brother or sister” – Dr. Abraham Belay

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CEO of Tigray State Interim Administration, Dr. Abraham Belay’s discourse at Intercontinental inn. In his discourse Dr. Abraham said, I deferentially request the Ethiopian public to remain by individuals from Tigray. Director of the Joint Council of Political Parties, Rahel Bafe said on her part the endeavors of the public authority have made the pre-political race tranquil and the agreeable relations being set up between the gatherings have become a remarkable component in Ethiopia’s political history.

The political decision on Monday is a verifiable second that will coordinate Ethiopia into an extensive public agreement and make a genuine government in the country. In such manner, the drive gathering will make a public consultative discussion following the input it hosts got from different political gatherings and in excess of 20 partners, he brought up.

“I accept the impending deciding on Monday will be notable for our adored country. It’s anything but a day of reckoning for Ethiopia to reaffirm its public poise and pride when the world is watching. In this way, similarly as we finished the pre-political decision calmly, Ethiopia is going to praise the post-political race serene change,” she noted.

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