“I am the only one who loves to dance” Mekdes G/mariam

The obvious solutions are available. We dance to be physically fit. We dance to help us think clearly. We dance for benefits including emotional stability and other benefits. All of these advantages could be accomplished, but I must admit that I haven’t yet discovered a better method to raise one’s heart rate and spirits than a great cha cha. However, we don’t necessarily need to dance to have a sound mind and body. So there must be more justifications for our actions. Dancing must have a magnificent quality that is more than merely ethereal; it must be nearly unnoticeable. We all know it so well that we don’t hesitate to tap our feet to a Gershwin song or pulse to a samba beat, despite the fact that we are unable to define it. When words fail us, perhaps dance is the best form of expression. A waltz, a tango, or a jive may be the only way to truly portray the happiness we have upon finding a new love, the tenacity we possess in the face of extreme sorrow or tragedy, the passionate fire of our youth, and the peace of our gentler and more graceful years. We all want to be understood, and if we could properly express our emotions in words, how profound and potent they would be. Unfortunately, we never seem to be able to find the perfect words to say.

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