“I am the product of my community” author and teacher Surafel

Many people in their twenties claim that others who are successful “were made that way” or that “some are just simply born with it” when they observe them. They almost certainly only notice the end result and not the entire process that led up to it. Breakdowns and restless nights are frequently disregarded. You will never succeed if you only view your work as a means of clearing your debts or paying your bills. You must genuinely want to succeed and take deliberate actions to do so. Your competitive mindset or how you relate to your job may be impacted by the specific sociopolitical environment in the country in which you reside. Different nations place different values on the community and the individual. We may recognize the value of the environment in our daily lives, but we seriously underrate its ability to shape our opinions. I want to clarify it and help people understand what influences them. Finding answers about WHERE we are as individuals, WHY we find ourselves, and most importantly, HOW we can find ourselves when our environment threatens to overwhelm us is important for our wellbeing, mental health, careers, and success in general. We are influenced by our surroundings in more ways than we would like to acknowledge. Because we are highly social creatures, most people are always surrounded by others and seek approval from them. The cultural environment, for instance, shapes who a person in a given culture is one of the environment’s most potent influences on that person.

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