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I am very impressed by Tesfahun Kebede – Mohammed Ali Burhan

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Writer Mohammed Ali Burhan’s discourse at the initiation of Tesfahun Kebede’s verse book called ‘Yemot Tikur Wetet’. How would you characterize craftsmanship? Require a couple of moments and consider this. Is craftsmanship something that is painted and afterward hung in a gallery? Is it photos that individuals take and distribute in magazines? Or on the other hand is it an old style music score? What might be said about writing? Is this something that rings a bell?

Writing is craftsmanship! Craftsmanship can be characterized as correspondence between a craftsman and the crowd. At the point when a writer composes, he takes words to make a story to convey to us. Through this story, we can make an image of the characters, visit new spots, and discover importance in what could be viewed as straightforward occasions. A writer’s composing style is her foundation for sharing craftsmanship.

It is critical to perceive how writing is a craftsmanship without help from anyone else, yet in addition as a type of workmanship that associates with different kinds of workmanship. It tends to be found in music, photography, and painting. These expressions impact one another. Second, writing and music regularly mirror similar social concerns. For instance, during the Harlem Renaissance, a social development of the 1920s, the significant creators, like Langston Hughes and James Baldwin, were affected by jazz. While these creators were standing up to issues of prejudice and mistreatment, jazz artists were beating a considerable lot of these equivalent topics. Dark performers not, at this point permitted the style of music or instrument to characterize what their identity was. What’s more, this style of development turned out to be more standard.

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