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“I am worried about my work more” artist Siyoum

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Six years ago, after I graduated from theater school, I lost interest in acting. I distinctly recall going to a park and sitting down while wishing my ideal agent would give me a message confirming that “yes, we would love to take you.” Despite everything working out in the end, I can still clearly recall the helplessness and sadness I experienced. In fact, the initial years following graduation from drama school were marked by envy, rivalry, and general unease. It was a result of my having little control over both my own profession and the industry. But I had the wrong impression. I was in charge. Still, I do. It’s far too simple to adopt a “defeatist” outlook on life when you’re an actor. I understand that this life can be full of letdowns, rejections, and setbacks. Also, don’t forget about comparisons; all it takes is one click to open Instagram to view everyone else’s picture-perfect ascent to fame. I get to work with enthusiastic actors every day, some of whom are just starting out on their careers and others who are well along the way and have established themselves. In order to help you innocently fall in love with acting again, I wanted to share some advice with you. On rare occasions, social networking may be incredibly motivating, educational, and entertaining. And at other times, it can drive people into a vicious cycle of self-hatred, depression, and comparison. I’ll leave it to the psychologists to explain why you should spend as little time as possible on social media, but if you want to rediscover your childlike enthusiasm for acting, I strongly advise limiting your use of Facebook and Instagram. Consider this: The actors and celebrities who “made it” are all over your feed.

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