I am young and healthy….I can work anything

Mommy to us is a dollop of love sprinkled with a ton of care. Mom was expertly created by the Almighty and is endowed with distinguishing characteristics that set her apart from the rest of us. What is the unique character of being a mother? Let’s just say that without our mother, a house isn’t really a home. Even for her, having to decide every day what is best for you (her kids), pay attention to your needs, take care of the whole family, and show everyone the same amount of love and care is difficult. When we are young, we might not recognize the value of our mother’s love or take it for granted, but as we get older, we usually come to understand this. Not only does she accept and love us for who we are, but she also makes a great deal of sacrifices for us without ever telling us. Mother’s Day is therefore not just another day, and you must unquestionably give her a Mother’s. Moms give up their careers first in order to prioritize our health. This is the first item on our list because most mothers have done it. Have you ever thanked her for making such a significant sacrifice because she, like you, was passionate and desired to work for her dream organization now that you are able to pursue yours? Even the career-driven women you know make adjustments for their children. Not that it should come as a surprise, but having children means getting less sleep. In order to get everything you need done on time, welcoming a new family member necessitates a significant life change.

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