I asked for her hand in marriage with a letter

You will feel more secure and confident in your marriage if you and your partner both feel respected. Respecting your spouse at trying times and trying circumstances (both inside and outside of your relationship) makes them feel truly valued and cherished. When we respect someone, it shows that we care about them. Therefore, by disrespecting your partner, you are implying that you don’t value them. Enjoy every second of the time you have together. Being mindful and present involves doing this. If you want to show your spouse that you are there for them instead of just being physically by their side, try putting your phone aside during meals, eating with them while the TV is off, and talking to them about your day. Try this as an experiment: spend at least 15 minutes each day for a week being fully present with your partner. Be best pals. A happy marriage is built on having a strong friendship with your spouse. You can laugh together, experience spontaneous adventures, and share many wonderful memories with one other as you would with best friends since you know each other better than you may know your close friends. Being your spouse’s buddy will make your relationship stronger in the long run and give you the assurance that you will always be there for one another. Tell stories, reveal secrets, have a good time together, cry, and explore. You must prioritize your marriage if you want it to be resilient. In addition to being your lover, your spouse will be by your side for the rest of your life. Your top priority should be someone who has given their life to you.

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