I asked her to marry me…we use to work at the same place

The decision of who you want to spend the rest of your life with is one that should not be made lightly, especially in light of the fact that research indicates that divorce rates in the United States are higher than those in other developed nations. It is crucial to pick a woman who exhibits the qualities of a good wife if you want to ensure that you will be happy for the long term. The term “wifey material” refers to women who possess the traits of a good wife, as the name might imply. There are a few qualities that most people would agree make someone wife material, even though the ideal marital characteristics and wifely responsibilities will vary depending on each person’s preferences. While everyone will have slightly different preferences for a wife, being a partner and raising a family are what ultimately qualify a woman to be a wife. A woman with wifey material traits will possess traits like maturity, financial responsibility, and the willingness to support you through hardships. While many people are curious about what qualifies a woman to be a good wife, the word “wifey” occasionally carries a bad connotation. For instance, some believe that this expression is sexist because it implies that women only strive to be desired by men as though they are some sort of prize and will only be chosen if they fulfill all of his expectations. The above characteristics of a wife can give you a good idea of whether or not your partner is wifey material, but certain signs can give you more assurance. She doesn’t mention your prior transgressions. We all have a past that likely contains some actions we aren’t particularly proud of. A woman who would make a good wife wouldn’t point out your past transgressions.

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