I ate my breakfast at Rophnan

You’ve already put forth the effort required to pursue your passion. The next stage is to develop a plan of action to get there. This is your game plan for discovering how to pursue your passions and enjoy your work. You will need to put in work if you weren’t born into wealth and want to pursue your passions. Start with a strategy, or even better, a Massive Action Strategy. How can your work help you fulfill your actual purpose? What practical ways are there to integrate that interest into a career? Make a plan for how you will realize your vision. You will never be able to transition from being a complete beginner at point A to being completely financially independent at point Z. To get from point A to point B to point C and so on, you must carefully plan your strategy. How can you most effectively create a career that you enjoy? There are some actions you can take to hasten this process, including: Find out how they did it, whether it’s someone you know personally who has experienced great success or someone you’ve never met but greatly admire. Ask them what steps they took to figure out how to do what they love, and then consider how you can follow in their footsteps while making adjustments to suit your own unique situation. Nearly all prosperous businesspeople, including Tony, have received coaching from mentors throughout their careers.

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