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I believe it is my fault….I won a beauty competition

Nobody has ever lived who hasn’t encountered dissatisfaction and failure. You may have run into a brick wall at some point in your life, causing things to collapse. For every person, “hitting rock bottom” means something different. Your “rock bottom” may be deeper than that of a friend or member of your family. You are currently in the most unfortunate situation possible at this point in your life. Nothing could possibly go worse. There is nothing left to destroy since you feel so shattered or ruined. Everybody has a different story of success and failure. Everybody has their own set of demons to contend with. When you finally reach the bottom of the pit, that’s when you start. Your routine is boring every day. You get up, eat, go to work, and go to bed every single day. Every day, you repeat this. Because of this, there are difficulties when you get to the bottom. Your life is upended by these difficulties. They make you feel frightened, helpless, frustrated, and dark. You lack clear thinking and coping skills. Everybody has a unique experience. You should be aware of whether you are still floating or beginning to believe that things can only get worse. Life can be really difficult at times. Nobody survives life without being struck by life’s major waves. Every single person in the world experiences enormous waves throughout life. There are no exceptions.

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