I came from France for my boyfriend

I chose to return from France for the sake of my lover. Nothing comes close to the unconditional love a mother has for her children. Women are born with the capacity to be exceptional moms. Women carry their children until birth and then love and care for them throughout their infancy and maturity. Every mother makes every effort to keep her children safe and happy throughout their upbringing. The motivation for these emotions is a mother’s love for her child. Nobody can effectively express a mother’s love for her children in words. The majority of people do not comprehend until they have their own children. In the face of adversity, love never fails to bolster our spirits. She is the only one who has no expectations except for the finest potential future for us. A mother will always desire the best for her child and will never jeopardize his or her well-being. Parents safeguard their children and provide as much comfort as possible. Mothers’ love for their children transcends pampering them to instilling moral and cultural values in them. A child’s first companion after birth is his mother, who engages in play with him and provides additional attention and sustenance. She treats her child as if she were a friend and monitors her every move. When a mother is playing with her child, she is never exhausted and always accompanies him in meeting his wants without regard for herself. To her child, a mother is like an angel.
A good upbringing ensures a person’s future success, and a mother performs an amazing job of ensuring her child’s success. She transforms a house into a home; she is a superwoman, given the difficulty of handling domestic tasks and meeting the expectations of all family members on time.
We have no idea how she would cope as a working woman. I am proud of my mother, who has provided for me while also working and maintaining order in the house.

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