“I came to find my husband…” Comedian Emebet Kassa on Enzirt

The truth is that it takes discipline not to fall into those dark rabbit holes, and a commitment to playfulness greatly aids this process! Instead of allowing the weight of life to weigh us down, we need to be willing to play. Your relationship can be strengthened through humor. Humor can make painful situations more bearable and assist you in finding the positive in difficult circumstances. One mother of a rare child described how she uses humor to encourage her child by saying, “Bend your knees Barbie!” The truth is that these children with special needs are like round pegs in square holes, and failure is inescapable. When you use humor to lift your spirits, the voice of your inner critic can be silenced. If you use humor to lift your spirits. There has been said to be room for joy in a house of sorrow and for sorrow in a house of joy. Alter your inner dialogue, exercise frequently, sleep, practice meditation, and laugh a lot. Even though kale is good for you, they say that laughter is superior to it. Laughter exposes our vulnerabilities and gives us the space to accept the difficult things in life. It removes the crustiness and occasionally allows you to cry. Set the goal of adding more humor to your life, if you’d like. Reduce the gravity and increase the absurdity. Laughter enhances your ability to fully experience life. Relationships are made safe by mutual acceptance. You have gotten very good at accepting things that you cannot change or that are not the way you would like them to be as a Rare Mother. What if you gave the people in your life the same type of acceptance? What would be altered? Come and share your story with other Rare mothers in our amazing, knowledgeable community.

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