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I can not go back to my country

If there is no legal reason why you cannot return to your home country, the local government should investigate whether there are any practical barriers to your return. A practical cause could be that you lack the financial means to return to your native country or that you lack a valid passport or travel document. In this case, the local government should provide interim assistance while they (or you) prepare for your voluntary return to your own country. Here’s where you can learn more about voluntary returns. If you opt not to return to your home country, the local government should determine whether there are any additional human rights issues that prevent you from doing so. Returning home after a trip abroad can be thrilling. All good things must come to an end, and unfortunately, that includes travel excursions. If your time working in another nation is drawing to an end, you may feel conflicted about returning home. Sure, visiting old friends, catching up with relatives, and eating at your favorite food truck are all things you’re looking forward to. However, you have the uneasy sensation that you won’t quite fit in at home again. It’s not as simple as reserving a plane ticket and saying your goodbyes to your chosen homeland. Reintegrating back into your hometown, neighborhood, and life might take a long time and effort.

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