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I can say we have a normal childhood

Anytime trust is betrayed, a breach in the connection will result. Although facing these difficulties could be difficult, doing so will not benefit anyone in the long run. If you are at fault, accept full responsibility. It’s crucial to accept full responsibility for what happened and to recognize how your behavior impacted your partner if there has been adultery or a breach of trust. Avoid becoming defensive or denying your error, but also avoid becoming self-critical. “You should take ownership of it in a caring manner that makes room for the beginning of trust-building. There should be a desire to improve the relationship even though you have every right to feel hurt and enraged. Until the individual whose confidence was betrayed gives their spouse a chance to earn it back, trust cannot be repaired. Couples should be “radically open” with each other about their upset feelings rather than holding back their feelings. This requires being completely honest, even if you feel ridiculous or self-conscious stating some things. This also entails being utterly honest with yourself about your motivations if you were the one who betrayed the trust. Everyone in the partnership may suffer if there is a breach in trust. Consider consulting with a licensed therapist who specializes in relationships and may offer direction for healing if there has been a severe breach. Give the individual you injured your compassion and consideration. It is simple to get caught up in a cycle of self-blame and disappointment after hurting your partner. But neither of you will benefit from that.

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