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I couldn’t be a mother for my kids

The state of being a mother is known as motherhood. When a woman becomes a mother, she enters motherhood. This usually occurs when their child is born, but it can also occur through adoption, marriage, or becoming a partner with someone who has children. The term “motherhood” refers to a gendered variation of the term “parenthood.”
Motherhood. It’s taxing, inspiring, soul-sucking, and gives you a sense of purpose. It makes you doubt everything while yet making you feel as if you know everything.

My daughter arrived over three months before her due date. She should have been coiled up, safe inside, but instead she was outside, in an incubator. She returned home, flourished, and developed into a cuddler. She slams herself against me at times, and at others, she extends a hand or foot for a light connection. I don’t want her to recall battles over shoes, hollow threats made out of rage, or childhood disappointments. I want her to remember putting her back against my chest or jumping into my lap and feeling completely safe for a brief moment.

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