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I cried in hiding

Mothers play an important role in their sons’ lives. From the moment a woman gives birth to her kid, there is a strong bond between mother and son. While fathers play a vital part in their sons’ lives, the link between mother and son is truly unique. Since her son has been inside her for nine months, a mother is the first person who genuinely understands and knows everything about him. Mothers play a variety of roles in their sons’ lives. A mother is her son’s best friend, guardian, and hope, as well as a source of encouragement and, most importantly, an adviser. Mothers are advisors, while fathers are teachers. The link between mother and son has to be acknowledged because of these unique roles that a mother plays in her son’s life. Below is a collection of inspirational and intelligent mother and son quotes, mother and son proverbs, and mother and son sayings that we’ve gathered over the years from various sources.

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