I decided to do my soul’s calling

Helping others is beneficial for everyone involved, but it also improves our own happiness and health and, in some circumstances, lowers stress levels. Giving fosters relationships with people, builds community, and contributes to a happy society overall. And it benefits society. Everyone of us has a motivation for helping others. Others help because they want to be recognised for their efforts, while still others do it because they believe it is right or because they believe in karma or that it will come back to them. Although there is no right or wrong way to help others, you should be aware that everyone offers assistance for different reasons. As long as the assistance is genuine and beneficial, there is no right or wrong way to provide it. The community grows stronger the more individuals participate in it and work to improve it. Whether they are aware of it or not, everyone’s activities have an impact on the lives of others. One way to help young people get active in their community and learn how to make positive changes is to volunteer at a local youth centre. By doing this, you’ll support them as they grow into self-assured, independent people. You Contribute to a Better World. The world is a better place when you lend a hand to others. Everyone else who needs assistance has it easier when volunteers in their neighbourhood. You can only image how much more pleasurable our lives would be if everyone did their share to make the lives of others simpler.

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