I did a lot to achieve my goal as a musician

When their abilities plateau, musicians frequently question themselves, “How do I become a better musician?” If you’ve honed your instrument to a certain level of proficiency, it could seem acceptable to lose interest in improvement and become complacent. But what takes a musician from being a decent musician to becoming a great musician is focusing on and strengthening acknowledged areas of weakness. Learning something uncomfortable can strengthen songwriting, enable you to play with a wider variety of musicians, and even help you land better-paying gigs. It’s easy to dismiss something that may be difficult as a dated skill, such as improving sheet music literacy. It might be challenging to improve as a musician. While there are many cases of accomplished musicians who never had lessons and are excellent at playing their instruments, these are the exceptions, and there are many examples of self-taught musicians who never realised their full potential. Proper technique can be taught, poor habits can be avoided, a player can be prepared to perform well in real-world settings, and a professional music instructor can do so much more. First, I played everything better because I knew where each note fit in relation to the others because I understood what I was playing. Second, I was able to learn and transcribe parts more quickly thanks to reading music. I literally wrote out complete drum parts for various songs note by note.

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