I didn’t expect him to say that to me….An interview with Aden

Things only get more problematic when people resist change. It’s acceptable to have a healthy fear of the unknown as long as it serves to provide a positive “edge” for performance and doesn’t become incapacitating. Strong people frequently see change as a fresh start. The secret to negotiating new ground is flexibility. Don’t waste time and effort attempting to alter circumstances because there are many aspects of contemporary society that are beyond our control. Many people encounter daily challenges such as traffic jams, delayed flights, flat tires, running over nails, and inclement weather. Try not to worry about the little things. Focus on the things you can manage and you will be able to let go of the annoying but unimportant situations like these. Try to be fair and friendly to everyone, including yourself, as a general rule. Having boundaries and saying no is OK. It’s possible that this will make some people angry with you, but nobody ever achieves great success by trying to please everyone. If you are aware that you have acted with consideration and reason, there shouldn’t be any excuse for you to avoid politely responding to criticism or disappointment from others. Starting a project doesn’t require you to be an expert or professional. After all, professionals built the Titanic; amateurs created the ark. Taking risks is inevitable in life. As they say, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” That is still valid and applicable today.

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