I didn’t expect to reach to this level

Being resilient is not like bouncing up and down on a trampoline. It’s more like trying to scale a mountain without a map. You’ll probably encounter obstacles along the way, but patience, perseverance, and support from those around you are all necessary. But once you get there, you can see how far you’ve travelled and glance back. Adversity comes in all different forms for people in life. Personal experiences might include things like disease, the death of a loved one, abuse, bullying, losing a job, and financial difficulty. Tragic news stories about terrorist attacks, mass shootings, and natural disasters are a common reality. People must learn how to deal with and get through really difficult life circumstances. Even those who are resilient go through stress, emotional turmoil, and pain. Some people confuse mental toughness with resilience, but displaying resilience requires overcoming emotional anguish and suffering. Resilience is a variable quality. People who are flexible, adaptable, and persistent can increase their resilience by altering specific attitudes and habits. According to research, kids who think they can grow their social and intellectual skills perform better and experience less stress when faced with challenges.

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