I didn’t mean what I said….I greatly apologize

Although offering an apology can be a crucial step in repairing relationships with others, it’s acceptable to feel conflicted about them. When we wounded someone as kids, some of us were made to apologize by force, and some of us voluntarily apologized and felt better right away. While some people feel ashamed of us for saying sorry, others don’t feel ashamed until we’ve done it. Even though a well-known film from decades ago claimed that “Love means never having to say you’re sorry,” in a relationship, never saying sorry is a surefire way to end it. We might have picked up the skill of saying we’re sorry for hurting a friend, whether on purpose or not. Relationship guidelines are established by saying sorry for transgressing social norms, from being late to breaching the law. This shows that you are aware of the “rules” and that you both agree that they should be followed. This reassures others that you also think that hurtful behavior is unacceptable. Express regret and restore the dignity of those you have harmed: Informing the person who was hurt that you recognize that it was your responsibility and not theirs makes them feel better and helps them maintain their composure.

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