I do respect the Ethiopian Orthodox church…Kuku Sebsibe

Each of us has individual beliefs and viewpoints. It is understandable that we have varied worldviews given that there are over 7 billion people on the planet. Disagreements, disputes, and even violence can result from these divergent points of view. Most people prefer to believe that they are accepting of others’ viewpoints and respectful of them. We make an effort to treat everyone nicely. However, there are instances when we are tolerant of those who hold similar opinions to our own. It’s only natural for us to push back when we hear someone express an opinion we don’t share. The Latin word “respectus,” which meaning “attention,” “consideration,” or “regard,” is where the term respect first appeared. It can be characterised as “regard for or of a feeling” and has a Latin origin. Respect is essential to our sense of self and to the interactions we have with others. Respect is about more than just treating others with courtesy; it’s also about feeling respected by others. Respect is a crucial component of who we are as people and how we interact with those around us. In actuality, many people consider respect to be a fundamental human right. Respect is shown when we esteem and appreciate another person, even if we don’t always concur with or approve of all they say or do. It entails respecting the other person as they are and trying not to treat them disrespectfully. When we respect someone, we refrain from making assumptions about their attitudes, behaviours, or beliefs.

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