I don’t have any wasted time…singer Abeba

The human mind is a sophisticated organ. Each of us has our own ideas, emotions, viewpoints, and insights. Each of us has unique experiences. And each of us has a unique sense of humour. We all know someone who can always make us laugh or who has the best jokes. In any case, everyone has a different sense of humour. However, what is usually regarded as hilarious has been the subject of extensive research. These types of humour are vocal, combative, self-defeating, slapstick, and cerebral. An intelligent person should have a good sense of humour. Laughing at yourself, your friends, or your activities may undoubtedly help you connect with others, reduce stress, and feel more at ease with yourself. We may often solve our troubles in life by using humour. Laughing at our flaws and errors is therapeutic. It may help us feel less tense and anxious. Many people find it enjoyable to be around humorous folks. It’s necessary to have a sense of humour, but it’s also crucial to keep in mind that humour can occasionally lead to issues. It could be challenging for you to be around humorous individuals if you are someone who gets easily offended. You can even discover that you’re offended or irritated about things that other people would find humorous.

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