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I don’t know how I am going to tell this to my daughter

A youngster is not informed that he is not his father’s biological son, but rather that he was adopted when he was born. He does, however, appear in a portrait with his parents on the day of their wedding. When a young woman is at college, she gets raped. She keeps this information hidden from her family, friends, and the cops. She keeps this secret for ten years before ultimately telling her therapist about it. A father with small children has a horrible secret that only his wife knows about. Under his garments, he wears women’s underwear. When he’s out of the house, he hides it, but his underwear is visible when he’s at home. After their father divorces them, their mother raises their two sons. The mother maintains a veil of secrecy around the two boys so that they never learn much about their father or his family. The older of the boys, now adults, meets the father and his family later in life, never telling his younger brother or mother. A lady is aware that she is adopted, but her parents refuse to inform her that her original mother is still alive and that she has made enquiries about her in order to meet her. A woman alternated between two guys she dated for a long time: the man she eventually married and the former boyfriend she couldn’t let go of.

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