I don’t know what Temene is….who is winning

First of all, it’s crucial to remember that our minds are plastic (sorry, no sorry for the joke). I don’t mean the floating islands of plastic trash in the Pacific. When I say plastic, I mean pliable. All throughout our lives, our brains evolve and continue to change. It’s good news, then. It implies that it is never too late to begin having fun. It’s important to play while studying. We develop new brain connections more quickly when we are willing to attempt new things and are open to new ideas than when we play it safe. I make an effort to become more naive and stop taking myself so seriously. I aim to be ridiculous. It’s simple to overthink, become mentally occupied, and overall fail to live in the present. Unfortunately, all of those are excellent ways to not have much fun. Of course, you can begin a new mindfulness practise by practising yoga or meditation. But there is an alternative. When I feel myself getting mired in my own useless thoughts, I physically urge myself to stop and think about something else. A thought can only occupy so much space in the brain, so by deleting one, you make place for a fresh, more enjoyable one. dislike the novel idea? Continue doing this until you have a good idea. You can control your unhelpful ideas with the assistance of experts like counsellors, coaches, therapists, and psychiatrists.

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