“I don’t know what to do I won condominium house..”by Behailu

crossing your lines You can enhance your performance of a scene by making notes on your discoveries and specifics like the setting, the moment before, the conflict, etc. Make a note of any lines that bring up memories from your own life. You’ll be reminded of your own experience while performing. This will enable you to recall your emotions, body language, and feelings. These components can be added liberally to your scene. Make a note of the lines that will assist you reach your goal in a scene as well as your overall goal. For instance, take note of the sentences that will assist you get your mother to cook you a sandwich. This will give your lines meaning and enable you to stop just reciting words from a paper and start saying what you mean. Especially in sequences where your character isn’t present, take heed of what other characters are saying about you. You’ll gain understanding of your character as a result of this. It’s true what others say about you. This information can help you take on the role of your character and give a three-dimensional performance. These are referred to as provided situations. You know the details of your character from the playwright. These details can then be used to inform your character. You must learn to apply all you’ve learned into your approach in a way that benefits you if you want to significantly improve your acting abilities. You will discover many different theories and methodologies by attending classes and reading plays and books. Not everyone will be helpful or work for you. But before you dismiss something, give it a shot. Utilize what you have learned to create your own procedure. Use it for everything, including learning lines and acting.

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