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Your capacity to overcome a challenge is determined by how you react to it. People run into problems when they let the outside world control how they feel. They respond to events rather than being proactive. If you don’t control your emotions, they will control you. Starting to feel your emotions physically is the best method to start controlling your emotions. When something or someone triggers you, pay attention to what happens and keep a mental note of the emotions that arise. Then, start to wonder what the emotions are trying to tell you. Finally, put in the effort to reframe unpleasant feelings and circumstances. Negative emotions do not require you to act in ways that are detrimental to you or others just because you feel them. A effective method to reduce the power of your emotions is to practice mindfulness and naming them. The mind, body, and spirit can all benefit greatly from finding comedy when facing hardship. It’s not intended to minimize your suffering. Instead, it’s about relying on uplifting feelings when you most need them. According to studies, having a positive outlook on life and facing challenges head-on makes you more adaptable in your thinking and problem-solving. I’m aware that humor and laughter have played a significant role in my recovery. Although it doesn’t totally eliminate the discomfort, it’s a fantastic coping tool. In the middle of chaos, anything that makes you smile and gives you hope is wonderful. When awful things occur, it’s simple to be pessimistic and engage in the “why me” game. But this way of thinking frequently leads nowhere. Optimism is a powerful weapon in conquering hardship; but, people who maintain it, even in the worst of times, naturally recover more quickly.

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