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I don’t know why that woman followed me

You might have hope that your blessing is also coming when you see that your prayers are being answered. God is at work in your life, making adjustments that will soon become visible in the physical world. You have a feeling of security and tranquilly in your heart. God is telling you through this that everything is working out according to His divine design. For you, doors are opening and chances are showing up in unexpected places. God is using this to set you up for the gifts that are soon to enter your life. Continue to pray and have faith that you will experience the Lord’s goodness in the realm of the living. The wealth you are presently experiencing is one indication that your blessing is on the way. When we put our trust in the Lord and obediently obey His commands, He blesses us abundantly. It may be a sign that God is preparing you for even greater abundance if you already have more than enough. Additionally, we must keep in mind that gifts can take many different forms; money wealth is merely one of them. The other benefits in our lives, such as excellent health, meaningful relationships, and personal development, must also be acknowledged and valued. We can have faith that the Lord will meet all of our needs as we continue to rely on Him and seek His will for our life.

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