I don’t want to remember what happened

Everyone’s life will inevitably include adversity. Without a doubt, it is not something you should or can arrange your life around. Being pragmatic, you realise that it will have an impact on your life not “if,” but “when.” However, tragedy, misfortune, disease, and disappointments frequently come as a shock, frequently at the worst possible time, and typically without notice. Therefore, how do you conquer hardship in life and thereby survive? This is a great question, but there isn’t a straightforward solution. The good news is that you may take action both before and after adversity strikes by following certain guidelines. It’s amazing how adversity is frequently linked to bad things happening. When faced with difficulty, some people automatically assume the worst-case scenario, one in which they are helpless to do anything. In truth, a lot of people “give up” way too easily when they encounter difficulty and things don’t go according to plan. Adversity can be difficult to accept as a part of life and to learn how to use as a positive motivator. Even the prospect of difficulty can control your daily actions, render you helpless, or lower your aspirations, but it shouldn’t. You have the capability to deal with it.

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