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Humans are social beings by nature and have always relied on one another for survival. Engaging and connecting with others is one of our basic human needs. One of the most important health advantages of enjoying fun activities is engaging in meaningful conversation. much more than you might anticipate. Even though they are referred to as “leisure activities,” having a good time with friends, playing with the dog, watching TV, and reading a book all have extraordinary positive effects on your health. When we are stressed, cortisol, also referred to as the “stress hormone” or the “hormone of flight or fight,” increases to unhealthy levels. Although cortisol is designed to save our lives in life-or-death situations, at low stress levels (when there isn’t anything to run or fight) it can lead to weight gain and even impair the body’s capacity to fight off infection and heal itself. Cortisol levels are lowered by having fun and taking the time to play, which results in. On the other hand, enjoyment raises serotonin levels. Many of our most fundamental functions, including sleep cycles, memory, body temperature, and mood, are regulated by the chemical serotonin. Serotonin levels in the body naturally rise when you engage in enjoyable activities that promote relaxation and social interaction. There will always be stress, and not every waking hour can be spent having fun. However, scheduling time for enjoyable pastimes and play can be beneficial even when stressful circumstances do arise. Consider enjoyable, stress-free activities as savings.

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