I easily trust people…..They told me she works at a TV station

In all circumstances, a trustworthy individual will act and speak similarly. Even when they are tempted to walk it back, they have the self-control to keep their integrity and do as they say they’ll do. To impress others, they won’t put on other masks or act otherwise. The ability to shift gears results from having absorbed trustworthy new information, not from irrational whims. And what they say concurs with what other people have told you. These two characteristics show that the individual may think of others positively and does not place a premium on their own importance. They are less likely to trip on your toes or betray you in order to obtain something they need or want since they are more outwardly focused. Because they don’t feel the urge to exert control over those around them, trustworthy people don’t try to impose their will on others. They respect that no means no and refrain from bullying. Small sacrifices demonstrate the person’s understanding that trust is a two-way relationship. They don’t mind giving a bit now in exchange for something tomorrow. When they do make a request, they make sure to show how important it is. Usually, a faker will exhibit certain indicators of anxiousness, such as agitated body language, and is more prone to behave in dubious ways. The likelihood that someone has nothing to conceal and is being open and honest with you increases if they appear at ease. Because you won’t be unconsciously detecting and reflecting back negative cues, you’ll probably feel peaceful as well.
Because they are aware that doing so inconveniences you and breaks promises, trustworthy people try their best to avoid being late or canceling last-minute plans. They won’t attempt to hurried or prolong things for their personal gain.

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