I feel like I am in love with my best friend

Avoid putting external expectations first and disregarding internal expectations: We frequently experience pressure to fulfil an obligation to an outside party, even at the expense of a commitment we have made to ourselves. Undoubtedly, there are moments in life when we must be adaptable, but we can also be deliberate in our choices and establish reasonable limits. It’s easier to keep things in balance and avoid burnout if we remember our own needs. Because of the boundaries we have set for ourselves, prioritising obligations to ourselves not only helps us feel refreshed and empowered to manage the demands of daily life, but it also helps us feel self-reliant. From the viewpoint of a friend, how would you feel about your own reliability in keeping your commitments if you were your buddy? By viewing oneself as the friend, this viewpoint can assist us in realising the significance of maintaining our word to ourselves. We may end up internalising disappointment, annoyance, mistrust, or emotions of unimportance towards ourselves when we regularly breach a contract with ourselves, which could be harmful to our self-esteem.

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