I feel like I had beaten cancer with laughter

In addition to their particular needs for physical health, adult cancer patients also have particular needs for emotional and mental health. The emotional aspects of cancer can have an impact on a patient’s capacity to manage and adhere to a treatment plan. These include coping with the stress of a diagnosis, taking care of oneself during treatment, finding support, and accessing financial and legal resources. Social workers can assist in navigating services that support and uplift families in order to help meet these needs. A social worker can put a patient in touch with transportation options, for instance, if they are experiencing problems finding a ride to their doctor’s visits. If the patient’s transportation to and from appointments is less stressful, they may concentrate on their recovery. Meeting with a clinical social worker may seem daunting at first, but these professionals are qualified to provide one-time, ongoing, or short-term assistance. You can have a trustworthy individual to talk to while maintaining the bond between your family members by giving yourself the chance to speak with someone other than your acquaintances or relatives. Carry on with your regular activities, making adjustments as needed. Changing routines, routines, and hobbies is not a sign of failure; rather, it is self-care. Make advance plans. If you are aware that you might require transportation or that you might benefit from a service like Meals on Wheels, make plans in advance or ask a friend who is good at organizing things for you.

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