“I fell in love with his neck…” Hanna Yohannes

It’s a well-known tale: After meeting someone, you experience butterflies and begin to think about the future, whether it be Friday’s supper or the proposal the next year. No matter how strong the feeling, it can be challenging to determine whether it is based in something substantial or is more ephemeral. After all, a lot of things can appear and feel romantic. for instance, lust. or a crush. or a poisonous love attack. And even if something appears to be Love in its purest form, that doesn’t necessarily imply it is. You might be able to recall a time when you were certain you were falling hard and then changed your mind after witnessing them, say, acting rudely towards a waitress. While the duration of falling in love isn’t known, the experts we spoke to concur that getting to know someone is an important step in experiencing intense sentiments. The phrase “the difference between infatuation and love is knowing a person” is true when you’re incredibly hot for someone in the beginning stages of dating. To put it another way, when you’re just infatuated, “it’s a projection because you haven’t learned much about them yet.” In essence, you are painting this wonderful but largely unpainted person with all the things you wish are true. While love is usually built on a close connection and shared beliefs, which necessitates having at least a basic comprehension of the other person.

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