I finally found my friend….our reunion was very emotional

You can feel as though you don’t have any close friends on certain days. You can think that everyone else has a best buddy but you. The person you formerly believed to be YOUR best friend may suddenly be best friends with someone else. You are already a good friend to those around you if you behave in the manners mentioned above. It’s not always simple to know how to support your pals, though. Consider a scenario from your friend’s perspective to better understand it. The most important thing is to listen to them, therefore ask questions to help you understand the issue or problem. Don’t assume that your friend wants advise or that you have all the answers; they may just want to chat so they can figure things out on their own. Finding out what your buddy has been diagnosed with might help you support them if they are dealing with a physical or mental health problem. Taking an interest in their struggles demonstrates your concern and your intention to be around no matter what happens. Ask them what they need if you are concerned about someone and want to be there for them. Then, you’ll be able to provide them with assistance in a way that is actually beneficial because you’ll know what they find useful when things are difficult. Whether you like to embrace people, find out if you can hug your friend. Give the thumbs up and start hugging! A excellent approach to show your pals you care about them is to give them a hug. Having a physical connection can be soothing, especially when one is feeling lonely. Even if you don’t live close by, make an effort to stay in touch with your pals on social media, via texts, or during phone conversations to let them know you’re there for them.

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