I finally found the mother of my children

Introducing Don. He is a “nut” for basketball. He is the type of sports enthusiast who can converse endlessly about his preferred basketball teams to anyone who will listen. Don’s wife sat down on the couch next to him one evening. With her arms wrapped around his neck, she directly said, “Do you love me more than basketball?” Don was perplexed and took a long minute to think about her question before responding. Even though the majority of us men would never make a mistake that serious, we frequently pass up the chance to support our women. Being married is not something to watch. It’s also not the place for jibes or cynical insults. While those masculine jokes might be appropriate in the males’ locker room, they are inappropriate in public. Every morning before I leave the house, I hug and kiss her. Studies show that couples who adhere to this basic rule have far healthier marriages than those who don’t. Leave her a note if she’s sleeping, or give her a gentle kiss on the forehead and say, in a whisper, “Have a wonderful day, sweetheart.” When you drive, reach across the front seat and touch her hand, even if only for a short while. Permit your fingers to entangle. Write, “Honey, I’m crazy about you.” Or write something special on a yellow sticky note, such “You’re the best!” affix it to the mirror in the bathroom. “I’ve been thinking about how good I have it with you in my life,” call her after work.

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