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I finished third in the audio competition – Roba Junior

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Meeting with Roba Junior on Kidman Keseat – A Saturday evening infotainment show. Music has made considerable progress in our way of life, from filling in as a formal practice into a specialty of expressionism. We’ve arrived at a period in music where its all inclusive effort is more clear than ever. With social over gets assuming control over the music business, where audience members burn-through music that is in a language they scarcely comprehend. As of late the underground music craftsmen in Ethiopia have become the unrecognized yet truly great individuals of the new age sound of Africa.

These misjudged specialists have been improving in the music scene dunking their toes in sorts going from jazz, electronic house music, afro-rock, and other non-standard classifications. Afro-electronic house music is among the rundown of types that still can’t seem to be profoundly investigated by craftsmen the nation over.

Ethiopian or Africans, as a rule, to make reference to their way of life without utilizing their type of music as intends to feature their beginnings. Music has been engraved in our DNA to a point where light percussion can stir a moving bone in us in a subliminal way. Gedeon Bihonegn who passes by the stage name Armaghedion is among the pioneers who’ve helped afro-electronic house music get on however much it has.

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