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I forgave to the person who shot me

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By 2007, he conveyed his show single “Arada L’arada” which transformed into a second achievement with in excess of 300,000 points of view on YouTube in its underlying 3 months.

His latest assortment has furthermore purportedly sold in excess of 50,000 copies.

With his exceptional upgraded style that blends Hip Hop and Ethiopian music, Lij Michael, the craftsman, lyricist, the creator has transformed into the infamous King of Ethiopian Rap.

The contention began as a political discussion. Tigray pioneers overpowered Ethiopia’s harmful government for just about thirty years, disenthralling various the country over by helping with setting up a course of action of ethnic federalism that provoked ethnic strains. Exactly when Abiy came to office in 2018, the Tigray pioneers were sidelined.

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