I got a sudden love request…..I am thankful to everyone

If you grew up listening to love songs, we bet you were pretty busy daydreaming about your future partner and picturing what your love life would be like. I love romance. We clearly recall it! However, if you haven’t been in a relationship where there are many facets to unconditional love. Most likely, Shrek would assert that it resembles an ogre or an onion. No matter the dynamic, relationships are difficult, and there can be a lot to think about when challenging and demanding situations arise. And sometimes when this occurs, the unconditional-ness can begin to feel less like a selfless act of kindness and more like a duty. The issue with the phrase “unconditional love” is that each person’s interpretation of it will be different. And this is where things can get a little tricky because it might cause us to have inflated expectations for either our partners or ourselves. It might entail standing up for a friend whether or not they are in the wrong for some people. Others may interpret it as being the “responsible one” and criticizing a friend when they’re acting inexplicably. In either case, the real issue is giving in to the fragility of unconditional love. Anyone and anyone in any relationship is capable of unconditional love. You name it: friendships, romantic relationships, parent-child relationships, etc. Even our pets display this kind of love. Unconditional love means that you have no hidden agenda or unspoken expectation of recompense from the other person. No restrictions. only love Giving care to another person without considering how doing so might benefit you in the future is a completely selfless act.

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