“I got a tattoo on my chest” shatama edir Ethiopian comedy

According to Dr. Ananth, when you’re upset, your body releases stress hormones that may result in inflammation and heart attacks by causing muscular spasms. Similarly, these stress hormones cause the body to release substances that promote vascular malfunction and raise your risk of heart disease while you’re feeling stressed. Many of the harmful effects of stress are reduced or eliminated by laughter. Your body emits endorphin-producing hormones when you laugh. These hormones give you a positive feeling and mask any bad feelings. There’s no wonder laughing makes you feel better. A simple approach to look after your heart is through laughter. It doesn’t necessitate a significant change in lifestyle, but it could inspire you to look for happiness every day. stimulates the immunological system. Your body’s ability to fight disease is increased when you laugh, reducing your risk of illness and infection. Your body is better prepared to react if you do get sick. reduces the chance of heart attacks. You breathe deeply and your heart beats faster when you laugh. This enhances vascular function by increasing the amount of oxygenated blood that is circulating throughout your body. heart disease is avoided. Your risk of being diagnosed with heart disease can also be decreased by improved vascular function and circulation. A healthy blood flow ensures that your heart beats at a constant rate. assists in weight loss. Cortisol is a stress hormone that can build up in your body if you experience excessive stress. Rapid weight gain can occur when your body has an excess of cortisol. In addition to lowering these stress levels, laughing also helps you lose weight. And your chances of avoiding future heart-related problems will be significantly higher when combined with a heart-healthy diet and frequent exercise. brings down blood pressure. Your body relaxes as endorphins are released to offset the harmful effects of stress hormones, which lowers your blood pressure. Your mood, anxiety, and heart tension all improve as a result of the blood pressure reduction and these “feel good” hormones.

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