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If you did, this piece would undoubtedly assist you in making that choice. Numerous studies have shown that married people enjoy greater health, higher life satisfaction levels, and more rewarding lives. However, individuals who married their best friends reported experiencing these consequences of marriage even more clearly. Given that you are reading this, you undoubtedly want to know the benefits of getting hitched to your closest friend. Continue reading to learn what scientific studies have to say about marrying your closest friend. Beginning with recurring findings that marriage typically appears to be connected to subjective well-being, Helliwell and Grover conducted their investigation. Some academics and theorists had some skepticism about such an association. They hypothesized that these beneficial effects were either transitory or that it worked the other way around, with happy people being more likely to marry in the first place. All these probabilities were looked at by Helliwell and Grover. The researchers discovered that being married had long-lasting benefits for our wellbeing that persisted throughout the marriage. Additionally, marriage generally leads to better well-being, but in this study, people who stated their husbands were also their best friends reported being twice as content with their lives as those who divided these responsibilities. Happiness, then, is getting hitched to your closest buddy! Marriage may benefit from friendship because you will need a partner to talk to and fight beside when times are tough. Additionally, the perfect union combines the best friend and your spouse, with whom you may discuss your life goals. Best friends can discuss anything, help one another, encourage one another, and come up with answers.

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