I got my life long question answered I met my family

Simply asking someone how they’re doing is the simplest approach to be there for them. People sometimes overlook the power of even the slightest action. Your friend’s mental health can improve just by letting them know you are there for them and are prepared to listen when they need it. However, some people in trying circumstances will simply respond, “I’m fine,” to this inquiry. You can use your discretion in this situation. Don’t dismiss them too quickly if you have any suspicions that there may be more going on. You can be the one who can start a dialogue and initiate the healing process. Sometimes all they need to reenergize themselves is a break from reality. Offer to handle some of their chores while they take a break or a nap if you know someone who needs some time off. Even if it can be difficult to get, sleep can be one of the most crucial things during a difficult time. People who are going through difficult circumstances need someone they can confide in and vent to without feeling judged. Offer to be your friend’s sounding board if they are having trouble. Talking can be a healing and cathartic process. Sometimes it helps to remind those who are going through a difficult moment that their lives still have meaning and that they are wanted.

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